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Everyone has a story. Let’s tell yours.

Congrats on your first step toward writing, developing, and marketing your very first book! Learn more about your instructor, and what we’ll be covering in this six-unit course, in this course workbook preview.

I absolutely learned a lot from this course – Amma is extremely knowledgeable about writing and self-publishing, and I felt she did a great job selecting the content for this course and sharing it with all of us.  – Kristen, MO

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About Your Instructor:

amma-3Amma Marfo is a thoughtful, yet incurably silly, independent educational professional based in Boston, MA. The first book she ever read was Archie the Alligator, a puffy plastic bath book that she still remembers all the words to. Just ask her. She has literally read thousands of books since then, and got it in her head to write her own in 2013. Her first book, The I’s Have It: Reflections on Introversion in Student Affairs, was released in 2014; the second, Light it Up: Engaging The Introverted Student Leader, was released in October 2015.

She is an outspoken advocate for creativity, believes strongly in the power of humor, and looks forward to helping you find the way you live and work best. Her other interests include comedy, yoga, surfing, trivia, and gluten-free cooking/baking. You can follow her on Twitter @ammamarfo, especially if you know how she might be able to become friends with Gina Rodriguez or Jack Falahee.