In the summer of 2015, the Do Your Thing podcast was created as a limited-run companion to the 2015 Summer Virtual Connection Circle as a way to tell the stories of women with special and inspirational stories. These are business owners, go-getters, and women of ambition who are changing the world that they live in. Join us for frank and fun talks with ladies that we hope will inspire you and make you think!

Episode 1: Samantha Matt, Founder and Editor-in-Chief | Forever Twentysomethings

(forgive any “swimmy”/glitchy audio!)


Episode 2: Laurie Davis, Founder | eFlirt


Episode 3: Charla Lauriston, Clench and Release showrunner and Comedian 


Episode 4: The Women of Fine Line Comedy 


Episode 5: Kristin Skarie, Betterteams 


Episode 6: Sierra Barter, The Lady Project (coming soon!)