The Introvert’s Guide to the Job Hunt is a guide developed by Amma to walk the apprehensive candidate through the process of first, destigmatizing introversion; then, presenting a series of activities designed to plan for a potentially draining and daunting process ahead.

With guidance on how to craft a captivating cover letter, manage energy on the day of an interview, and compose a winning thank you note after the interview, this guide seeks to empower the introverted job searcher and reassure them their skills, assets, and gifts are advantageous in the workforce.


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Expanding upon the advice Amma first shared in the second edition of The I’s Have It, Hiring Quiet Talent is a guide designed to assist those in hiring roles, in developing and implementing “introvert-friendly” practices throughout the hiring process. From tips on evaluating written content, to behavioral norms to set during interviews, to the metrics by which we assess “excitement,” “readiness,” and “engagement.”

Advice on how to present oneself authentically and naturally in the search process means little if those evaluating criteria aren’t sure how to read it; as such, Hiring Quiet Talent seeks to help employers and hiring managers accurately assess the competency, affect, and potential of this often misunderstood demographic of applicant.

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Job Search Strategies for Introverts Webinar Web ImageFor those interested in learning the lessons of a job search that honors the energies and strengths of introverts through a webinar format, I’m pleased to offer the recording for $10 (1/3 off the cost of the original price). Included in that package is:

– the slides from the webinar

– an audio recording of the webinar

– the supplementary book chapter from The I’s Have It about interviewing as an introvert

In this brisk and information-packed webinar, I share tips on how to navigate crafting your materials, monitoring your energy during in-person interviews, navigating the waiting game that inevitably follows…and all the while, affirming the unique gifts that introversion has to offer you and your prospective workplace alike. No matter what industry you work in, this session will be informative, inspiring, and imperative to your success on the search.

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THE CREATIVE GUIDE TO VIRTUAL RETREATSIn a societal moment where so many of the rituals of work like meetings, professional development sessions, and interviews are taking place online, I’ve been thinking at length about how these events can avoid being transposed, and instead be transformed – transformed in how they utilize digital spaces, and in the purpose they provide for their attendees. This 10 page resource offers a framework through which to reinterpret what retreats can do in the age of COVID-19, while also prescribing tools and resources to make this work ritual as impactful as possible for the uncertain moments ahead.

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