In addition to the writing I do for this site, I am (or have been) a contributor to several other sites including:


The Interrobang, finding comedy in everything and everything in comedy.

Kelly MacFarland Holds Pajama Party Themed Album Release Event
Boston Takes Part in 34 City Comedy Trump Protest Festival on Inauguration Weekend
Time to Dump the Trump Character from SNL?!
Comics Reflect on the First Annual What a Joke Festival
Good News: The Good Place Picked Up for Season 2; Bad News: We Need It Right Now
Roy Wood Jr’s Father Figure Brings Comedy to ‘The Talk’
Comedians Ayanna Dookie and Subhah Agarwal Put a Human Voice Behind the “I” Word
Liz Miele’s Sophomore Album, Mind Over Melee: Too Good Not to Release
SXSW Comedy Festival In Year 10 Has Some Highlights, But May Be Suffering From Arrested Development
Getting Weird with Joel Kim Booster
From Fatherless to “The New Negroes,” Baron Vaughn Uses His Unique Perspective to Make You Laugh
Guy Branum: At the Nexus of Gabbing and Gaming
Five Years After Winning Best Pilot, Tim Baltz and Ted Tremper’s Shrink is on Your Television (and worth the wait)
Boston Calling Music Fest Expands Comedy Experience with Hannibal Buress, Pete Holmes, Tig Notaro and More
Boston Comedy Marathon’s Elite Eight: Boston’s Young Comics to Watch Stand Out From the Pack
The Guys We F@cked Girls Tell Fans What to Expect at Moontower
The Best Advice for Women in Comedy from Industry, Writers, and Comedians (WICF)
In Don’t Be Yourself, Mark Normand Ignores His Own Advice
Amazon’s Catastrophe Puts Out Its Darkest and Most Moving Season Yet

Pacific Standard, the award-winning magazine for readers interested in working toward forward-looking changes to private behavior and public policy.

Carrying on Campus When You’re a Person of Color
Creating in An Age of Anxiety, Depression, and Dread
Get Out and the Constraints on Black Violence, Even in Black-Made Art


Hustle&Co, the official blog of the AND CO app (“an intelligent and proactive app to keep you focused on your work, not admin tasks” for freelancers)

The Introvert’s Guide to Freelance Job Hunting
Six Must-Read Books for Ambitious, Independent Hustlers
Don’t Forget to Add These Items to Your SXSW “Must-Pack” List
How to Navigate Office Politics When You’re Not Full-Time
5 Ways to Be the Best Remote Worker You Can Be
Solopreneurs, Here’s How to Bias-Proof Your Growing Business
How to Become a Successful Professional Speaker
5 Ways Solopreneurs Can Find Potential Collaborators
5 Signs You Might Be Cut Out for Freelance Work


Splitsider, a website about comedy and the people who create it.

In Defense of the Much-Maligned Campus Standup Gig

Femsplain, inspiring discussion and connection through storytelling by amplifying the voice of those who identify as women and gender nonconforming individuals.

The Wake Up Call

Previous Work

Talking Points Memo Cafe, TPM’s home for culture writing

Why #BlackTwitter Was Essential to Media Outrage over Ferguson
Why Boyhood Is Also About Fatherhood
Is Ray Rice Only In Trouble Because He Got Caught?
How to Get Out of a Mentor’s Shadow: Gender Flip Edition
If Bey’s a Feminist, Is Jay?
What The Goodell Presser Reveals About His (Terrible) Leadership Style
Do Women Get to Follow Their Dreams on TV?
We Need a Heroine: How Much Can We Demand of Female Role Models?
In Defense of Dunham: Is Lena Just Giving an Opportunity to Pay Dues?
Which Athletes Are Expected to Behave?
It Was a Bad Week for Minority Female Showrunners
Does Orange Is the New Black Still Need Its White, Blond Star?
Remember How Cosby’s Other Show Was Progressive About Rape?
Why It’s a Tragedy That Key and Peele Is Ending

The Niche Movement, “helping every young professional avoid job unhappiness”

Getting Naked With Your Job Search
Questlove’s Guide to Success at the Office
3 Must-Haves for Change at Work
From Love, to Hate
Steal from Yourself
Tips for a hAPPy Life
Curiosity, Critics, and Creativity
The Health of Your Career is a Joke
Recovering from Perfectionism
On Unnecessary Creativity
Invisible and Invincible
Negotiation, Amy Poehler Style
How Good Notes Take You “To Infinity and Beyond”
Break New Ground, With “The Book with No Pictures”
Reframe and Recommit
Seeing Your Skeptics
3-Ingredient Success Stories
Finding My Monday Meetings
Using Essentialism to Find Your Niche
Everyday Happy Accidents
Shonda Rhimes Doesn’t Check Email After 7pm. Why Do You?
Finding My Niche in the Pages of a Book

7 Things All Introverts Are Guilty of Doing
Introverts’ Top 3 Career Challenges
8 Myths About Introverts
6 Things to Do on A Quiet Night In
5 Ways to Love Your Open-Plan Office
3 Reasons Why Introverts Make Excellent Employees
7 Things Introverts Do That Piss Off Extroverts
8 Rules for Being Friends with an Introvert
8 Things to Remember If You Love an Introvert

Forever Twentysomethings, a Boston-based Twentysomethings lifestyle site

Let’s Talk about FWAs: Friends with Atmosphere
20 Struggles of Twentysomethings Who Work on College Campuses
10 Things I Miss About the University of Rhode Island
Amy, Fix My Life: Four Twentysomething Problems Amy Poehler Can Solve
9 Signs You Were a Gymnast in the 90’s
5 Career Lessons Learned from Disney Princesses
11 Household Items That Scream Adulthood
RIP, The Mindy Project? What Mindy Lahiri Gave Me As a Woman
Modern Life Lessons from the Ladies of Mad Men
18 Important Questions I Have About the Limited Too Reboot
I Tried Essentialism and It Changed My Life
Why I Won’t Be Watching the Oscars This Year

The Good Men Project, the conversation no one else is having (about topics of masculinity and what it means to be a man in the 21st century)

Room Is a Beautiful Meditation on the Mother-Son Relationship
How Murderball Helped Me Understand Men Better