As a freelance writer, I pride myself on my ability required to cover a topic with genuine and open curiosity. What has resulted is work with a variety of outlets; areas of expertise include introversion and creativity in the workplace, comedy and pop culture criticism, the intersection of higher education and larger society, trends in the working world, and technology’s role in society.

In addition to these written pieces, I’ve also been afforded the opportunity to appear as an expert or contributor on a number of podcasts. Select appearances are highlighted below.


Pieces and Podcasts of Professional Pride


Discomfort, Offense, Trigger: Understanding and Managing Student Responses to Comedy (Journal of Campus Activities Practice and Scholarship, 2019)

Is Twitter’s Political Quarantine Actually an Escape Room? (Social Media Week, 2019)

Rebecca Delgado Smith Wrestles with History’s Greatest Worries on “The Alarmist” (The Interrobang, 2019)

3 Stock Photo Collections Aiming to Widen Our View of the World (Social Media Week, 2019)

4 Powerful Lessons in Instagram Storytelling, Inspired by Mental Health Awareness Month (Social Media Week, 2019)

Meme Responsibly: Marketing Lessons from the Jerry Media Fiasco (Social Media Week, 2019)

[PODCAST] Flight of the Navigator and Amma Marfo (This is Why We’re Like This, 2019)

[PODCAST] Introversion and Power (Linda Ugelow’s Women Inspired, 2019)

[PODCAST] #29: The Baby-Sitters Club (Book Riot’s Annotated, 2019)


Panel Moderators Must #AskHerMore (Shondaland, 2018)

Dave Chappelle Honors Parents, Promises One More Special in DuBois Acceptance Speech (The Interrobang, 2018)

On Aziz and Modern Romance (The Interrobang, 2018)

Memes, Moments, and More Lessons from the BBC for Making Audio Social (Social Media Week, 2018)

How National Geographic Engages Audiences with Awe and Wonder (Social Media Week, 2018)

Instagram’s First Launch Under Mosseri Targets University Networks (Social Media Week, 2018)

Coca-Cola’s Social Accounts Go Dark, to Bring Light to the Internet (Social Media Week, 2018)

Oscar Has a Comedy Problem. Most Popular Film Will Only Make It Worse (The Interrobang, 2018)

The Africans in Black Panther are Funny. Here’s Why That Matters. (The Interrobang, 2018)

[PODCAST] Cultivating Creativity with Amma Marfo (Subject Matter X, 2018)


Michelle Wolf is Done Being a “Nice Lady” (The Interrobang, 2017)

As Federal Trans* Protections Shift, Higher Education Adapts (Pacific Standard, 2017)

An Introvert’s Guide to Job Hunting (The Well, 2017)

Get Out And the Constraints of Black Violence, Even in Black-Made Art (Pacific Standard, 2017)

Nick Kroll and John Mulaney on Oh, Hello’s Biggest Audience Yet (The Interrobang, 2017)

Time to Dump the Trump Character from SNL? (The Interrobang, 2017)

Carrying On Campus When You’re a Person of Color (Pacific Standard, 2017)

In Defense of the Much-Maligned College Standup Gig (Vulture/Splitsider, 2017)

The Introvert’s Guide to Freelance Job Hunting (Hustle&Co, 2017)

[PODCAST] Cultivating Creativity as a Social Justice Advocate with Amma Marfo (JPSPEAKS, 2017)

[PODCAST] Your office is built for extroverts. Here’s why that’s a problem. (Hubspot’s The Growth Show, 2017)

[PODCAST] Advocating for introverts, Online Community Building, and Creating Relatable Content (Josie and the Podcast, 2017)


Why I Won’t Be Watching the Oscars This Year (Forever Twentysomethings, 2016)

It Was a Very Bad Week for Minority Female Showrunners (Talking Points Memo Café, 2015)

RIP The Mindy Project? What Mindy Lahiri Gave Me as a Woman (Forever Twentysomethings, 2015) 

Why It’s a Tragedy that Key and Peele Is Ending (Talking Points Memo Café, 2015)