Top left: What I thought I’d eat all week. Bottom left: My menu, with lime Jello added.

Hello and welcome!

So the #SNAPChallenge got started on New Year’s Eve, when I did my shopping and had to make some tough decisions in the grocery store. Knowing just how much money I had to spend made me a little nervous, but I got it all taken care of and my first bill came out to $24.91. Now, for those following along, you know that the limit is $29.73, which left me with a few extra dollars. Could I have gone back for an extra bag of beans, or maybe some tortillas to add bulk to some of my meals? Well, sure. But I didn’t. For some reason I didn’t.

And it was a good thing. Because I have been sick for the last two days and unable to eat. Even if I were to try, chances are it’s not going to stay there 😦 And after reading Mayor Booker’s concerns about food waste, I knew it wasn’t something I was willing to risk. So I sent my sister to the store in search of apple juice and Jell-O. Financial constraints being what they were, we adapted to get boxed Jell-O instead of prepared, and apple juice over Gatorade. But it turns out that the wiggle room was put to good use, and I will hopefully be back on track with the regular menu tomorrow.

When you really think about it, the title of this entry isn’t the most accurate. Ordinarily, when you get sick, it doesn’t really get in the way. It’s just life, being life. And that’s what this is. Life hasn’t gotten in the way of the challenge, it’s happened to show me that whatever I plan isn’t always going to work perfectly. Here’s to an element that is truly making this challenge a challenge.

Hope everyone’s new year is getting off to a wonderful start, and I look forward to updating you further on the challenge! Should you feel compelled to donate to Greater Boston Food Bank, the cause I’ve chosen to dedicate the challenge to, please click the link below. Thanks so much!

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