Earlier this week, I posted this image a few places around the Internet, sharing some big news:

tedxbsu announcement

On Monday, February 23rd (my half-birthday, and this is a pretty fantastic gift!), I will be presenting an idea that I believe is worth sharing, “Lessons in Laughter”, at TEDxBSU. I am so incredibly grateful to the Bridgewater State University Office of Student Involvement and Leadership and their selection committee for affording me the opportunity to speak about something so important to me.

For those unfamiliar with TED, I’ll provide a brief overview. Billed as a forum for “Ideas Worth Spreading,” TED is a conference series designed to highlight infectious ideas about Technology, Entertainment, and Design. Lectures are 12-18 minutes long, and are shared online shortly after they’re filmed for mass consumption. The TEDx series is designed to allow this major event to spread across the world, where local events sanctioned by the international organization can be hosted by cities, colleges, and other entities. Bridgewater State University is holding theirs in a few short weeks, with the theme “BSU 2040: What is our Future?” The goal of my talk will be to present one possible answer to that question.

What does speaking on Lessons in Laughter mean?

It means I’m going to attempt to share how humor helped me better understand and appreciate my family, battle anxiety, and made me better at my job. I’ve done some writing that will likely inform this talk- The Health of Your Career is a Joke, #sahaha, Can the FAFSA Be Funny?, and Balancing Humor and Humanity will all figure prominently into the speech, as will previously unshared stories about the Marfos and how the giggling I grew up with has made me a better person.

But I also want to hear from anyone willing to share- what makes you laugh? How has laughter helped you through hard times? And why do we need to laugh?

I promise to share the final product when it’s live on TED.com- in the meantime, wish me an untied tongue and as little sweat the night of as possible!

5 thoughts on “Coming Soon to TEDxBSU: Lessons in Laughter

  1. YAY! This is so exciting. I think I am equally excited to see your outfit choice.

    Being that joy and laughter can sometimes go hand in hand, sometimes humor is just what gets me through the day. Particularly on tough days, I always choose to watch or listen to something that I know will guarantee a smile. I am pretty sure any abs muscles I have an entirely from hanging out with friends and family members that consistently make me laugh.

  2. Amma! I am so impressed and inspired by you! I absolutely love this idea as it is something I try to incorporate into my work with middle schoolers as well as my own personal life.

    For me at work, sometimes I need to have a ridiculous moment with a colleague laughing at something that I could cry at or looking at funny pictures of my dog.

    You’ll be amazing! I cannot wait to watch it.

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