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As this post goes live, I’ll be on day three of my August writing challenge, encouraged by Tyler Knott Gregson. While I’ve vowed that part of that time will be dedicated to writing sketches, a pastime that went by the wayside after I finished classes, I’m also dedicating the bulk of that time to the completion of my second book, Light it Up: Engaging Introverted Student Leaders. But in the meantime, I want to share a copy of the first book ahead of the new school year, The I’s Have It: Reflection on Introversion in Student Affairs.

The I’s Have It is a great way to understand yourself and your own introverted ways, can be an excellent gift for the new graduate student or professional in your life, or could even be added to an office library for colleagues to use!

All you have to do to be eligible to win is to let me know: what will you do to manage your own introversion in the school year ahead, OR what will you do to help an introvert in your life be more effective in the classroom or at work. Be sure to include an email address, so I can be in touch and mail out your copy!

Entries will close on Sunday, August 9th, at noon EST; the winner will be notified by Tuesday, August 11th.

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