After the success of the last edition of Office Hours, featuring the lovely and amazing Marci Walton, I’ve decided to give it another try. When I think about April, the blur of the end of the academic semester, tax season, and the closeness of summer can make the time seem frenzied. I know when things are busy, I feel like there’s a choice to be made between living well and surviving the long days.

However, there’s a way to do both. And to help me talk through it, I’ve enlisted wellness and leadership coach/awesome human Dillan DiGiovanni to chat along with me about staying well when you’re busy- physically, mentally, and emotionally. As with the previous session, you’re highly encouraged to leave questions for the chat via the Q&A app, or leave them for us via Twitter (@ammamarfo + @DillanDiGi) .

April 16 Office Hours

Living Well During Peak Times
f/ Dillan DiGiovanni
Monday, April 4th | 7pm

Show Notes:

Some of Dillan’s favorites from his own catalog:

Hiding Hinders Healing: What Helped Me Lift My Depression

How You Know When to Go

Just Start

From the chat:

I’m trying to kick my sugar habit. Dillan, for the most part, already has. Here’s a part of his philosophy on the matter.

Y’all. Screen apnea is a real thing. Pay attention, you might have it.

Infographic from Guy Kawasaki (of Canva): How stressed are you?

From Whitney Johnson (Disrupt Yourself), on keeping anxious thoughts at bay.

If you absolutely must: how to get through a 100-hour workweek in one piece.


About the Speakers

jasonandamma-11Amma Marfo is a thoughtful, yet incurably silly, independent educational professional based in Boston, MA. As a writer, higher education speaker and popular culture enthusiast, she’s dedicated to the idea that our leisure pursuits can inform and enrich the work we do. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from the University of Rhode Island, and a Master of Education from the University of South Florida. 

She is an outspoken advocate for creativity, believes strongly in the power of humor, and looks forward to helping you find the way you live and work best. Her other interests include running, yoga, surfing, trivia, and gluten-free cooking/baking. You can follow her on Twitter @ammamarfo, especially if you know how she might be able to become friends with Gina Rodriguez or Jack Falahee.

dillan headshotDillan DiGiovanni would be a Lip-Syncing World Champion if they held contests for that. But since they don’t, he moonlights as a lifestyle and leadership coach, helping clients and audiences all over achieve sustainable behavioral change by providing them with practical advice that actually works.

Dillan comes to this conversation via his own 30+ year journey in pursuit of balance and clarity, including his experience of having been “lucky enough to have been born transgender”, yet waiting until his mid-30s to transition. From Social Studies teacher to health food store hippie, vegetarian to bacon lover, Catholic to Buddhist, Dillan truly enjoys sharing the lessons of transformation he has learned in his life so you can feel more comfortable to lead the life you truly love.

Dillan earned his BS in Education from The College of New Jersey and MEd in Education from Lesley University with a focus on Leadership, Wellness and Cultural Change. As a speaker, Dillan combines the range of his expertise and stories from his own life in his talks: from change theory and identity development to wellness and trans health. 

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