So remember last week when I shared my plans for a summer project?

Well…now I have one for you.

I’m of the belief that everyone has a story to tell. Back in 2013, I did, and that story eventually turned into a book. Throughout my process and well after, I got a lot of questions about how I did it. These questions persisted when I went through the process the second time around, and I realized there could be something there. I decided to centralize those answers through a pilot online course this past fall, and had a great time talking to others taking their book journeys!

This summer, I’m doing it again- bigger and better. Starting May 8th, YOU, IN PRINT, v 2.0 will be live right here! Six units of recorded lectures will be supplemented with worksheets, articles, case studies, and even a few interviews with individuals at all stages of the independent publishing process. And for $79, all of these resources are yours for as long as you need them. Comparative courses cost many times this…so take the deal. It’s a good one!

You don’t have to be an established writer in order to benefit from this course. At all. It’s designed to be a resource to any writer curious about the independent publishing process, and how I built a life around participating in this process for the release of two books.

Presale is open now (giving you advance access to the workbook and other class prep resources), and you can preview the “syllabus” and welcome letter from the instructor here!

Presale students will receive early access to course materials, but also receive countdown emails and resources highlighting:

  • Some of my successes and missteps that will help you prepare mentally for the content you’ll receive in the course;
  • Advice on some of my writing inspirations and where you can find them and start learning;
  • Spotlights on some popular books that started out as independently published works; and more!

Ready to go? Click the image below to start your journey toward earning the title of “published author.” The “self” is silent, I promise 🙂

You, In Print Promo Image
Start your indie publishing journey right here!

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