defectors s3 imagery

Today marks the start of the third series of The Defectors, and you might find it’s taken on a different form from its last two iterations. And there’s a reason for that.

When I first Defected, one of the biggest challenges I never expected to feel was feeling isolated. Between going into business for myself, and not knowing too many others who had taken a similar path out of traditional higher education work, I found myself feeling more alone than I had ever imagined.

This year, I wanted to combat that for others in a very specific way: by pulling stories, and the Defectors who tell them, together. You’ll be treated to conversations between Defectors, sharing their challenges and successes with one another – and by extension, you all.

Meet Bonnie, Sharon, and Chelsea

Meet Anne, Greg, and Nicolle

Meet Ashlie, Corey, Liz, and Mike

I don’t want this series to just be a conversation between the participants, though. I want this to be a conversation between you and I. I’d love to hear from you: what questions do you have about Defecting? What do you worry about most? Are you curious about how your talents could best be utilized? Is the Defector Academy program a fit for you?

Ask away, and I’ll be answering them over the course of the month via Twitter and Instagram!