Next month, I’m doing a one-off offering for Defector Academy that I’m really excited to provide…and I hope you’ll be excited enough to take part in!

When I talk to people who are in the early stages of contemplating leaving student affairs and higher education, many of the same words surface in our conversations: “overwhelming,” “intimidating,” and “complicated” come to mind. Some have even named it outright “scary.”

How do we do scary things? A little bit at a time.

That’s why I’m so pleased to introduce Defectober.

Defectober Art.png

Defectober is expressly designed to help you eat the elephant of preparing for a Defector life, one bite at a time…one day at a time. The self-paced calendar delivers one task each day (ranging in time commitment from 5-10 minutes at the start of the month, to two 1 hour blocks at the end) to get you ready to pursue a new path. Thirty tasks total, plus five days of rest, will have you feeling more confident, knowledgeable, and comfortable with the idea of doing something new.

$25 (payable via PayPal) gets you the calendar, as well as weekly emails with guidance and support from me. If any questions arise over the course of the month, you’re empowered to be in touch with me- happy to chat further. And to place you in community with others completing the challenge, I encourage you to post your progress, questions, and triumphs on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #Defectober!

My goal? To ensure that this process that can sometimes seem unwise, insurmountable, or – again – scary…feels measured, possible, and as unscary as possible.

So join me for Defectober – the calendar and first email go out on Wednesday, September 25th, so you’ll have to act fast!