It’s been too long since I returned to my roots.

My claim to (far from real) fame was thinking about how introversion intersects with our work lives – particular through my lens of student affairs and higher education. Years later, though I talk about a number of other topics, introversion still holds a very special place in my heart and brain.

So this year, as job search season starts to ramp up, I’m coming back to share some of my top tips.

Job Search Strategies for Introverts Webinar Promo

For three weeks this spring, I’m delivering my “Job Search Strategies for Introverts” webinar. We’re talking about how to honor your natural energy, while also putting your best foot forward and finding your right workplace match.

From the event description:

In this brisk and information-packed webinar, introversion researcher and career coach Amma Marfo (The I’s Have It, Light it Up) will share her tips on how to navigate crafting your materials, monitoring your energy during in-person interviews, navigating the waiting game that inevitably follows…and all the while, affirming the unique gifts that introversion has to offer you and your prospective workplace alike.

Tickets are available now – I can’t wait to see you there!