The Challenge Conflict Presents to Creativity

This spring, I'm focusing some of my speaking and consulting on helping organizations who are in conflict, resolve it and prevent it from constricting practices like organizational transition, goal setting, and strategic planning. Unresolved conflict presents a lot of issues to organizations: lost productivity, damaged professional relationships, and - most germane to the work I … Continue reading The Challenge Conflict Presents to Creativity

The CATASTROPHE of Creative Relationships

I spent three hours of my past weekend laughing at the smart and wickedly funny Catastrophe (now streaming on Amazon Prime). Starring a comedian I have expressed my appreciation for previously, Rob Delaney, and Sharon Horgan (of the UK's Pulling, IFC's deliciously awkwardThe Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, and a cameo on Moone Boy), it … Continue reading The CATASTROPHE of Creative Relationships

Neil, Nathan, and the Wonder of It All

During my drive from Tallahassee to Jacksonville last week, I got to experience one of the great joys of life: uninterrupted National Public Radio listening. As I made my way across the Panhandle, I caught a great To The Best of Our Knowledge interview with America's favorite astrophysicst (read: singular well-known astrophysicist) Neil DeGrasse Tyson … Continue reading Neil, Nathan, and the Wonder of It All