[PODCAST] Hashtag Higher Ed, Episode 35: What Does it Mean to Be Creative?

I do a lot of podcasting from the comfort of my own desk or couch, "real" pants optional. So it was exciting to share a few hours with Stephen App of eCity Interactive for their Hashtag Higher Ed podcast in studio, in Philly, real clothes and everything, during a recent conference trip. I was so … Continue reading [PODCAST] Hashtag Higher Ed, Episode 35: What Does it Mean to Be Creative?

[VIDEO] SXSW Panel: Memes and Monologues

Earlier this week, I got to tick a major box off my lifetime "to do" list: present at the South by Southwest Conference and Festival in Austin, TX. Alongside standup comedian and MondayPunday creator Matthew Broussard, satire professor and News Hangover creator Keli Dailey, and Emerson administrator and Humans of Higher Education contributor Jason Meier, we spent … Continue reading [VIDEO] SXSW Panel: Memes and Monologues

3 Reasons Why Introverts Make Excellent Employees

This post was previously published with Keep Calm and Dream: For Introverts, By Introverts. Extroverts may make the biggest splash in interview situations, but don’t discount introverts when it comes time to bring new people to your team. Although they’ve been cast in history as uncooperative, standoffish, or even rude, they can bring a great … Continue reading 3 Reasons Why Introverts Make Excellent Employees

My Best Reads of 2017

This is my second year condensing all of the reads from 2017 into one easy-to-peruse "greatest hits collection." As you may know, I spent much of February deliberately reading books that highlighted the perspectives of writers from marginalized communities (women, people of color, immigrants, refugees, etc.). That impulse felt good, and so I carried it through … Continue reading My Best Reads of 2017