I always say, once I serve on a panel with you…we’re friends for life. I’m a huge fan of your work, and I’m happy to be of help or of service. Today, I’m pleased to share the results of a conversation with a former fellow panelist, Kim Meninger. We worked together last year on a panel for Boston GLOW’s Career and Empowerment Conference, and I was so excited to hear of the recent launch of her podcast, “The Impostor Syndrome Files.”

Despite spending three seasons on an impostor syndrome-themed podcast of my own, I have not said all I have to say on the matter. In fact, Kim and I touched on an area of impostor syndrome that came up rather infrequently on our show – how it differs based on race. In the episode, “What If It’s Others Who Doubt Me?”, we explore the differences in how impostor syndrome shows up for Black women, what actions can be taken to challenge it, and why it matters that it’s not experienced the same way across the board.

To listen, click here or on the image below.

Thanks so much for having me on for a chat, Kim- happy to join you again anytime!

pink silhouettes of women line the top of the image. Below them, a pink folder labeled "The Impostor Syndrome Files." Across the bottom, the image reads, 'hosted by Kim Meninger"