I love a good story, don’t you?

Stories can transport us to another place and time (which feels more than a bit welcome these days), teach us something new in a digestible way, and help us understand different perspectives in a more immersive way.

I’ve found this last purpose especially important for career development, and especially valuable for those looking to pivot their careers. A bulleted list of our prior job duties doesn’t always show the potential for “fit” or utility to a new employer. But it’s through the stories we tell – in networking scenarios and coffee chats, in the stubborn middle paragraphs of our cover letters, and in interviews when asked questions – that can illuminate what we can bring to an organization.

So I want to help you tell that story, and do so in a way that effectively and evocatively shows who you are, how you work…and why you’re indispensable to the team of your choice.

Under a turquoise filter, a book sits in the top right corner. A hand holds a coffee mug at center. A sprig of freesia sits to the right. Overlaid, the webinar title: Storytelling for Your Next Steps
Join me May 19th on YouTube Live for a conversation on effective and evocative career stories.

Join me May 19th at 2pm ET for “Storytelling for Your Next Steps.” This live learning experience is less of a webinar, and more of an opportunity to walk through an activity that is a permanent fixture of the Defector Academy framework. By the time we’re done, you’ll get a sense of why storytelling structure makes your conversations and answers easier to follow, how to structure some of your “greatest hits” moments as compelling stories, and when to bring these stories out during the job search process.

And if the exercise piques your interest? We’ll also talk about forthcoming Defector Academy offerings, and the many ways you can continue to work with me along your Defector journey.

Hope to see you there, May 19th at 2pm ET!