Hi. I’m Amma. Welcome to The Dedicated Amateur.

The title of this site comes from, if you can believe it, an episode of King of the Hill. One of the characters sets up a Christmas village in his front yard as a way to make connections with his neighbors during the holiday season. Pleased by the attention, he decides to go bigger, with professional help.

His friends and neighbors, watching the spectacle unfold on his lawn, make a remark about the work ethic of those helping him:

DALE: Looks like he hired professionals. Or very dedicated amateurs.

Even in a moment of silliness, I connected deeply to that phrase. By trade, I am a professional in the field of higher education. But I am by no means an expert in anything. I’m not sure I ever want to be. In all endeavors, I embrace the mentality of the amateur because it keeps me in a mindset of learning. I’m dedicated to constantly putting in the work to be better, and my wish is for all who meet and interact with me can feel that desire for excellence and dedication to continuous learning.

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