The day after my kickball team’s first victory (GO STUDENTS OF HARES!), I learned something special about the field on which we played, from my boss Lori. Lori told me that the intramural sports complex at Florida State is the largest intramural sports complex in the country. I was amazed- I love learning factoids like that about places I live and work. Here are a few other notes about my new place of work:

  • The Florida State University is the home of the NASPA Journal on College and Character, and hosts the Jon C. Dalton Institute on College Student Values each year. Their commitment to moral and ethical development of college students is a big part of the reason I wanted to work here 🙂
  • It was declared a “Budget Ivy” by Fiske in 2010. Fancy!
  • It is the birthplace of the anti-cancer drug Taxol.
  • Famous alumni of FSU include Alan Ball (Creator of True Blood and Six Feet Under), Burt Reynolds (there’s a Burt Reynolds Hall apartment complex not far from the stadium- I really hope they require a mustache to live there), and Richard Simmons, the fitness guru

I love learning things like this about places I live. Try it out- what’s special about where you live or work?

One thought on “Learned We Were Special

  1. Burt Reynolds used to stay at the downtown Hilton when I worked there. He wears a ton of makeup and watches a bunch of porn. But… he's still pretty B.A.

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