No, I’m not quitting Facebook. Quite the opposite. But I will say, I have once. And having been there, I can speak to the reaction that is firing up the Internet right now.

Think back to the original version of Facebook. You know, “”. It was a profile, no status updates, didn’t hold pictures beyond the one that identified you, and there wasn’t a mini-feed. One day, there was. And it was impossible. I didn’t want everyone knowing my business. Moreover, I really didn’t want to know everyone else’s. As was the fashion at the time, I created a group expressing my extreme anger. “Mini-Feed = Mega Creepy”. I was so proud of the name. If it hasn’t been archived, it may still exist. But then I took the next step. I quit. And for my final year of college and a few months afterward, I didn’t have a Facebook.

I was incredibly productive, I spent far less time on the computer, and had no quick venue by which to share quips that I and a few select others find hilarious. But at the end of the day, once I left college, I missed the ease with which it allowed me to communicate with friends.

I’ll continue to use it for that. Will I lose hours on it the way I have up until this point? Probably not. I don’t like the constant stream of information. I like to learn about people from people, not from a screen. Mark and I have never really agreed on that.

So catch ya on Facebook, but look for the bulk of my act on Twitter, folks. Shorter but to the point hilarity, punctuated with hashtags.

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