While I’m less of a resolution person, I like the concept of #oneword. You choose one word for the year, and try to live by it. It makes me mindful of changes that I want to make year-round, and with so many other friends participating (both near and far), we can encourage each other to live the word that we’ve chosen.

Last year’s word was BALANCE. With so much upheaval about to happen (completing grad school, and with the prospect of a national job search ahead), it seemed like a good concept to pursue. I succeeded in many ways, and could stand to work on others. Some points of pride for my year of balance:

  • Learning more about, and starting to conquer, a lifetime of anxiety
  • Making running part of my regular routine. That said, I think I was unbalanced with it at times, and will use this year’s word to help right that ship
  • Spending more time reading.
  • Being vocal about finding a job that allowed me to keep that balance
  • Making more time, and saving more money, to travel and see friends
  • Finding opportunities both inside work and out to express my non- student affairs interests

And now, for 2012. Being the nerd that I am, it should come as no surprise that I’ve chosen the word LEARN. However, I want to present an additional challenge for myself. I’ve never had trouble learning about things I already know about. Watch a Disney movie (hell, any movie) with me one time- you’ll see quickly what I mean by that. But I want to challenge myself to learn about things I’m less educated about. Some goals for 2012 to underscore my one word:

  • The week before winter vacation, I purchased a copy of the Bible. Religion has been something that I’ve never formed an opinion on, because I never really had the information to do so. I want to spend at least a portion of my year learning about the Bible, and deciding for myself how I would best like to express my faith.
  • A professional goal of mine is to start to pursue opportunities that could allow me to work in wellness education and promotion. That will include joining the American College Health Administrators professional association, working with student wellness groups on campus, collaborating with other student affairs pros to put together an ed session on mental health concerns for SA pros, and taking classes to become certified in nutrition. It seems like a tremendous opportunity to learn more about something I’m interested in now, and turn it into something I would be qualified to pass along to others.
  • I want to become more involved with professional organizations in student affairs, and will actively seek out opportunities to place myself in the position to learn from more experienced pros.

What one word will drive you for 2012?

2 thoughts on “#oneword: Looking Back at 2011, and Ahead to 2012

  1. Make sure that the bible isn't the only thing that you read when you are considering how to express your faith. And remember that you don't have to fit into the mold of any religion – you can choose the pieces that resonate with you.

  2. Oh, absolutely. That's just a starting point for me, but I am open to as many perspectives and pieces of the puzzle as I can discover 🙂

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