As you may or may not know, Florida State University will be hosting a benefit concert to celebrate the launch of T-Pain’s If I Could Change the World Foundation. The show is being billed as “Come To the Crib, Pt II with T-Pain and Friends”. One of the friends, and apparently one of the first to get on board, is Chris Brown.

I bristled a little at the suggestion at first, anticipating some resistance from our student body. But the announce date came and went, and nothing happened. The onsale date came and went, and nothing happened. And after seeing this link, posted by Kathy Petras in the wake of his Grammy performance, I started to wonder:

“Why isn’t anything happening?”

Chris Brown is a polarizing figure in the aftermath of his very public battery charge three years ago, and I could absolutely understand outrage that would result from the announcement to bring him to Tallahassee at the end of the month. However, I’m having a hard time with the fact that there’s no outrage. For an institution that so prides itself on building the moral character of students, why isn’t there more concern? Why hasn’t anyone spoken up?

This isn’t about whether or not he should be forgiven for what he’s done; that’s a separate discussion. This is about the fact that I’m surprised at our students for not asking the question.

One thought on “Hoping for Outrage?

  1. I'm with you on the hope for outrage, or at least discourse, on this. As for the link to various folks' reactions, I can only pray that I can raise my daughter and any future daughter or sons to have more sense than that.

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