Today I kicked off my career in student conduct with my first solo hearing (albeit supervised by our Associate Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities!), and I actually got a lot out of it. Like most of my first one-on-one meetings, it was very short. Short, and to the point. But in processing it with Rod afterward, I can see a lot more of what I want to bring to the process.

I was very nervous as I went over my notes this morning- I wrote a script! I read a lot! All things I hate doing when presenting myself to people for the first time! But I think I did okay, if a less in depth job than I had hoped.

For the future, I’ve dedicated myself to delve a little deeper into how students feel about their code violations, learn more about them and how their decisions are affecting their present lives and future plans. I started to do that today, but wasn’t sure how far to dig with students I’d have such a fleeting relationship with. But I feel as though as long I can make them think, and help them see the takeaway from their experiences and make them positive, I’ll feel better moving forward.

Fellow conduct officers, particularly those more seasoned than I, how were your first hearings? What do you do in your hearings to turn them into more than just a session for sanctions?

One thought on “Learning to "Conduct" Myself

  1. I may or may not have commented to you on T witter that I was glad that conduct/judicial wasn't a part of my world. Whether I actually did or just thought it, I spoke too soon.

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