I will be the first to admit that I’ve had some struggles lately trying to find what makes me happy outside of work. I have gotten tremendously lucky in creating wonderful friendships with the people in my office, and I don’t wish to discount the relationships that I’ve built with them at all. However, not having a social network that I don’t work with is new for me, and it has made the visits to home and to see friends all the more difficult as I adjust to the alternative here in Tallahassee.
The solution? I need things to do that aren’t work, and I need them to be social. Enjoying running, going to the movies or studying are other pursuits, but they’re solitary. I’m missing a social outlet, and I want to rediscover it.
Last night, accompanied by a coworker, I started a ballet class at a community center near our house. She’s been going for a while now and had really been enjoying it, and I’ve missed dancing. It was challenging to get back into the groove of proper foot placement, spotting for turns, and keeping my hips square (a LIFELONG challenge). But much of it just came back to me, and I love the way it feels to dance. I’ve missed it, and didn’t realize just how much until yesterday.
I’m always on the lookout to do more and be more, and this was a wonderful start.
And yes, while I hope I possess the grace of the dancers above, I have scoured the Internet to find the video that I feel best represents how I think I look when I dance.
Go to 2:21 for the full experience.
How do you participate in your community? What old pursuits are you making new again?

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