Many of you may know that I’ve been working a lot toward incorporating health and wellness into my professional focus, given how important it is to me personally. And a lot of concern is being rightfully voiced about excess in nutrition- childhood obesity, diabetes, heart disease and the like. However, the country is starting to have its attention drawn to the opposite side of the spectrum: that of hunger in our country, particularly among children.

As you can see, this little boy is not going hungry. At least, not right this second. But there are a lot of kids who are. And this past weekend, I found a wonderful way to make sure that the kids not lucky enough to have cupcakes, or cereal, or fruits and vegetables, or milk. And it involves me running. But it also involves your help.

Women’s Health has this fantastic project that runs through the fall (pun not intended, but definitely recognized) called Run 10 Feed 10. You commit to running a 10k, and once you do, Women’s Health will provide 10 meals for kids in urban areas who have been identified as “hungry”. However, there is a fundraising component for the runners involved, and that’s where I need you. I will be donating money, but I need your help to meet my goal as well.
Hoping to make this mean a little more the next time around πŸ™‚
I’ve been wanting to run for something meaningful for a while now, and injury derailed my last attempt to donate to March of Dimes based on mileage. (You might be wondering: “how do you know injury won’t derail you this time?” Answer: I don’t, but I won’t let it stop me from trying!) But this time, I’m determined to use my time on the pavement to help me make a difference. I hope you will too. The link to my fundraising page is posted below, and I would greatly appreciate it if you gave. And the kids who aren’t so lucky as the boy above to get cupcakes would appreciate it too.
We all have very busy lives, but want to make a difference. How have you made a difference in your community?

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