All my boxes are packed, I’m ready to go…

Earlier this week marked my last day of work at Florida State, before a few days of “funemployment”, and then the big move to Boston. It was a difficult affair, not just because I was leaving, but because I am uncomfortable being the center of attention, and leaving a position puts you front and center for a little while.

However, there was an added level of difficulty for me, in that the last day of school was also Florida State’s first day of classes. Ending a school year when so many people are starting one…well, it’s disorienting. Preparing for the coming year is expected in our line of work- we work in something of a revolving door pattern. But in starting the year with these students, I’m even more invested in the work they’re doing. My concern now is having my foot in the progress and success of two sets of students- my current/former ones (at Florida State), and the new ones (at Emmanuel).

I think the situation is complicated somewhat because I have not been “succeeded” – never replaced – yet. Without knowing the situation that my former students will be left in, I’m having an even harder time letting go. And frankly, to an extent, I don’t want to. I don’t wish to keep advising my students, of course- at some point that’s going to be someone else’s job. But I do want to still make sure that I can be part of their lives in whatever way they’ll have me. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to keep up with them, and make sure the students I have will also feel that I’m invested in them.

How have you handled the transition from one job to the next? Did you keep in touch with colleagues/supervisees?

One thought on “First Day/Last Day

  1. Amma! First of all, congrats! We are one step closers to taking over the world one #plank and meal at a time. I left my past job in the middle of the academic year, and had a really hard time with feeling like I had "abandoned" my students. It's a delicate balance between being there for them, taking care of yourself, and rerouting them back to someone at your former institution. It takes time, but realizing that the ones who want to keep in touch will. Those new ones are lucky to have you. Rock on.

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