Ah, the bus. It’s an interesting mode of transportation. Sometimes uneventful, sometimes out of control, but always entertaining. Even with a car, I’ve been a frequent bus rider over the past several years- first, in grad school, when I refused to pay hundreds of dollars to park across the street from my apartment, and then in Tallahassee over the summer when the promise of regular work days made the bus a dependable way to get home. And now, in Boston with no car, it has become my lifeblood. With all of these years riding the bus, I was surprised to see something extremely unique on my ride to work this morning.

When I got on the bus this morning, I had a driver I’ve never met before- easy, considering I’ve been doing this for a week. She was pleasant as I boarded, and seemed to be in a great mood. But as the first stop was requested, she pulled over, opened the door, and shouted “Thank you!”

She continued to do this over the course of my roughly twenty minute ride. Each time she stopped, she would say “Thank you!” to whoever got off the bus, making sure they heard her. I was astonished. It’s so simple, and yet it was completely new to me. 

I made sure to immortalize the moment as it happened.

Other passengers noticed, and one approached her, saying “You are the first bus driver I’ve ever seen do that, it’s very nice!” Her matter of fact response: “I’ve been saying that since I start it, and I’ll continue to say it until I end.” It’s a part of who she is, and how she works. Moreover, I’m willing to bet, based on my short time with her, that she does it even on the days that it’s hard to or she doesn’t exactly feel like it.

I share this story because it uplifted me on a Monday. I hope it makes you smile too, and that you use it as inspiration to do something small but impactful for someone today 🙂

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