Hi again, everyone!
We are 5 days into the challenge, and it has been an interesting one so far. Between this and other things going on in my life right now, it has been a challenge in every sense of the word. And I love that about it!

What I want to share today, per a good friend of mine, is the cost per recipe of the meals I’m making.

So here is a review of what I got to start with. This, plus salt, pepper, and vegetable oil are what I have eaten.

And now, for a breakdown of the recipes I’ve prepared (all measurements are as close to reality as I could get, and serving sizes are adjusted for the number of days I was able to eat).

Breakfast: “Fiesta Eggs” (microwaved scarambled eggs with veggies and a fancy name)
2 eggs ($0.42)
1 oz sharp cheddar cheese ($0.32)
1/8 bag frozen diced peppers ($0.29)
cooking spray
TOTAL: $1.03/serving

Lunch: Southwestern Chicken Salad
2 chicken breasts ($3.03)
1/2 bag steamed corn ($0.85)
1/2 bag diced peppers ($1.18)
1 avocado ($1.00)
1/3 bag dried black beans, cooked ($0.77)
1/2 can canned tomatoes ($0.70)
cooking spray
TOTAL: $7.53 total, $1.51/serving

Snacks: carrots (0.29 per serving), celery (0.24 per serving)

Dinner: Chicken Fried Rice
1 chicken breast ($1.52)
1/2 cup brown rice, cooked ($0.34)
1/2 bag frozen steamed peas ($0.85)
1/8 bag diced peppers ($0.29)
1 egg ($0.21)
cooking spray
TOTAL: $3.21 total, $0.65/serving

Have any questions about how I did it? Suggestions on other items to prepare or ways to save money?
I welcome any input you all have, and thanks so much for following along!

I’m doing this in hopes to raise awareness about food instability, and money for the Greater Boston Food Bank. Should you feel compelled to give to the latter, please click the link below! I thank you, as will those who benefit from the money that you give 🙂

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