This week’s grand total: $26.12

In week 2, I had the benefit of being able to build upon the meager remains of week 1. I bought wisely enough that many items ran out right when they should have. And what was left, I plan on making good use of in week 2.

Below you’ll find listings of what I ate and approximate costs per serving.

Breakfast: Peanut Butter Waffle w/ Applesauce
1 frozen waffle ($0.57)
2 tbsp peanut butter ($0.16)
1 applesauce cup ($0.33)
TOTAL: $1.06/serving

Lunch: Tuna Salad
1/2 can tuna ($0.70)
1 1/2 c lettuce ($0.40)
1/2 Roma tomato ($0.31)
1 rib celery ($0.21)
juice of 1/3 lemon ($0.23)
TOTAL: $1.85/serving

Dinner: Veggie Rice Enchiladas (prepared and cooked in 350 degree oven for 20 minutes)
aforementioned bean/veggie rice ($0.55)
corn tortillas ($0.15)
refried beans ($0.18)
enchilada sauce ($0.16)
leftover cheese from last week ($0.31)
TOTAL: $1.35/serving 
I’m doing this in hopes to raise awareness about food instability, and money for the Greater Boston Food Bank. Should you feel compelled to give to the latter, please click the link below! I thank you, as will those who benefit from the money that you give 🙂

2 thoughts on “#SNAPchallenge2013: Crunching Week 2 Numbers

  1. The thing for me that is most intense about this is the calories:~350 calories for breakfast~175 calories for lunch~500 calories for dinnerApprox. 1025 calories for the day. (guessing from what was listed in the ingredients and pictures)If I was eating like this with the training I am doing, I would be at a 2800 calorie deficit.The Mayo clinic recommends pre-teen females eat a minimum of 1600 calories and pre-teen males 1800 to support their growth, development, and healthy brain function.Do you think you could build a diet that gave a growing adolescent the nutrition they needed on this amount of money?Could you see yourself turning to less healthier, but cheaper options?I would be curious to know if there is data showing what % of people in the SNAP program have children.

  2. Wayne, you make a great point. For better or for worse, I'm small enough to get away with this. But not everybody can. I think that some of the choices would take a very different turn if I had different caloric needs, and I know that Mayor Booker had some issues in that regard in addition to the challenges presented from dietary restrictions (he's vegetarian, I'm gluten sensitive). And I did see a stat that nearly half of all SNAP recipients are children, and 3 in 4 SNAP participant households have a child, senior, or disabled person. The nutritional need there is far different from mine. Excellent point to bring up.

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