I’m going to write a book.

Now that the sentence is out in the open, I’m asking you (who are reading this) to hold me accountable to this promise I’ve made to myself.

What will it be about? Unsurprisingly, I want to write about introversion in student affairs. In all of my discussions with pros in the field about the role of introversion in their development, three themes emerged. The goal of whatever comes from this verbose experiment will shine a light on those reactions: demystifying, masking, and managing.

That said, I can’t do this without help! I want this book to feature the voices and experiences of many. While I recognize that I likely can’t cover this topic with the exhaustive dedication that Susan Cain gave to Quiet, I do want to include something that her seminal work did not- voices of extroverts. So introverts and extroverts alike: I want to hear from you! I have a few people that I want to approach for input, but if you are interested in helping at all (or if you know someone that I need to talk to), please let me know! Guiding questions are on their way, so stay tuned.

This is going to be a huge project, but I’m excited to get it going. Letters to words to sentences to pages to chapters to a book, this will happen. I hope you’ll join me for the ride, and I really hope you’ll lend me your voice to help this project live 🙂

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