In a field crowded with competitors, there are agencies and talents taking things to extremes to grab attention. Let me be clear, I’m of the belief that this is the wrong kind of attention. Imagine this advertisement reaching the hands of not an adult advocate with more fully formed coping skills, but a student leader still struggling to come to terms with his or her own experience with sexual assault. This is upsetting, for the seeming thoughtlessness that was given to creating it, and for the extremes CEP seems to feel are necessary to get business. Nope. Read on for my friend Jason’s far more eloquent take on the matter.

Tedium is the worst boredom.

For the past 15 years, sexual assault advocacy and support has been a thread that has interwoven through my life. Because of this, I frequently have a trigger reaction when I read or see something. Case in point…

This morning, I received a piece of email from an agent wanting me to book an event. I opened it and found myself speechless. The more I read it, the more angry I became. And after a few minutes, anger turned to rage.

The headline of the email reads “Put It Where You Want It” and features a photo of a young man looking into the camera with his arm wrapped around a young woman. The young woman is wearing a t-shirt with the words “Put It Where You Want It” across her chest.

It’s not okay. Nothing about this is okay.
It isn’t funny. It isn’t a clever play on words.

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