Happy February, everyone!

It is the shortest month, Black History Month, the month of love…so much going on in February.

It’s also the start of conference season, and a busy time for graduate students as they look ahead to their futures- interviews for professional roles, or placement in internship sites and schedules for the second year. It can be a tough time of year, especially for introverts.

If I can help, I would really really like to. So here’s the deal. If you (introvert or extrovert, doesn’t matter!) send me an email to amma.marfo@gmail.com sometime during the month of February, I will send you a preview copy of one of three chapters from the book I released last month, The I’s Have It: Reflections on Introversion in Student Affairs. Just let me know which one you’re interested in:

  • The Introverted Interviewee
  • The Introverted Graduate Student
  • The Introverted Conferencegoer

And while I don’t expect all who read the previews to go out and buy the book (though I’d love it if you did- it has testimony from many student affairs pros and Sue-dles!), there is one thing that I do expect of you: pass it on. If you like what you read, if it resonates with you, if you feel that someone else could benefit from the information shared…pass it on. Email it to a friend. Discuss it in a meeting with colleagues. Share it with your students. I wrote this book to be shared, and I’d love for you to help the information spread.

Happy February, and please shoot me an email if you want a taste of the book! I’d love to share it with you.

And if you want the full book? Head here for all the details on how to get it, including information on how to read it if you don’t have a Kindle.

Ready to buy the book? You can get it here!

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