I’m excited to announce two new avenues for you to get the second edition of THE I’S HAVE IT, the 2014 book about introversion in student affairs from the talented Sue Caulfield and me. The content (and Suedles!) are largely the same, but features a few talking points at the end of each chapter, as well as an interview guide for those in the position to bring introverts on to their teams.

First, I am so pleased to announce a partnership with the great people at the Student Affairs Collaborative, wherein a portion of your purchase will go toward a scholarship fund for graduate students in student affairs. Click here to buy the e-book through them and help out the #sagrad community!

Second, for the old school reader among us…I am excited to announce further that you can buy THE I’S HAVE IT in print! Head here to get your hard copy, and please shoot me a note if you do– I’ll mail you a bookplate!

Now, I don’t expect those who already have it to buy it twice- that’s just silly! BUT, if you are a library user, I would love it if you could do me a favor and request that your library add it to their shelves. It’s the closest I’ll ever get to living in a library, and I would love to make that dream a reality 🙂

Here’s to turning up the volume in 2015!

2 thoughts on “Two New Ways to “Have” THE I’S HAVE IT!

  1. I might want to pick your brain about the print version you did. I had a request to provide a print version of my book to a library, and added it way at the bottom of my “I’ll look into that someday” list.

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