We’re back at it for year 2, and are so pleased you’re seeking to join us! The goal of the Summer 2015 Virtual Connection Circle is to create a space where women are unashamed to ask for help on whatever dream project or endeavor they wish to take part in. Each member of the group is committed to providing substantive feedback, encouragement, and advice to the other participating women in a space specifically designed to keep out needless negativity, judgment, or discouragement that keeps so many of us quiet.

These pitches can be personal or professional in nature: requests granted in this format have ranged from help refining resumes, to making connections about book publishing, to helping raise money for surgery. Think big, this is a powerful and understanding collective and we want to be as helpful as possible 🙂

Many people have asked, “What do you need from me for a pitch?” That’s a good question. A few quick guidelines/suggestions:
-Three to five paragraphs written; OR
-Up to 4 minutes of video, OR
-A slidedeck detailing your idea/need; OR
-A piece of art, featuring a one paragraph max explanation.
(It is worth noting that this pitch does not have to be professional! Want help with a passion project, interested in finding a new hobby, or looking for impartial life advice? All options are on the table!)
-Most importantly: what SPECIFICALLY do you need from the group? Do you want advice? Input? Contacts who can help you with a project? Specific items? Be as explicit as possible when requesting what you need- defining the action step you’re seeking is essential to getting the result you want.
Please also include a brief “about you” including your name, where you reside, what you do for a living (whether relevant to your pitch or not), and a moment in a movie/TV show/book that made you go “wow.” Please make sure that this information is emailed to amma.marfo@gmail.com by Friday, April 24th, 2014 at 5pm EST.

By the same token, you are more than welcome to participate without putting a pitch forward! The goal of this effort is NOT to be transactional, but to provide a space that is specifically geared toward being helpful and supportive.

Starting in the first week of May, one pitch per week will be selected. Members of the group will be encouraged to offer feedback, advice, encouragement, and ask questions of the person making the pitch. In the best case, the end of the week will bring the pursuer of help more knowledge, affirmation, and constructive feedback than when the week started.

By the end of the summer, let’s all strive to answer two questions for ourselves and for others: “What are you dreaming about?” and “How can I help?”

Sign Up for the 2015 Connection Circle Here!

Looking to see how it worked last year? Check out 2014’s pitches.

To head off a few AFAQ (Anticipated Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: If I participated in last year’s Circle, do I need to sign up again?
A: It would help me out, yes. This year’s weekly correspondence will be working differently than last year, so I would like to be able to pull from one place. You have until the 24th, so please do so ASAP!

Q: If I brought forth a pitch last year, can I pitch again this year?
A: I’m understanding of the idea that paths may change and needs along with that, so I’m going to allow for repeat submissions, IF your pitch is markedly different from what you’ve previously put forward.
If you’ve started work on a project, and your pitch would be additional support for what you’ve already started, I’d prefer to save the formalized pitch slots for new initiatives. That being said, please feel free to put forward your questions and calls for support on your own!

Q: What can a pitch entail?
A: As is stated in the intro of the signup form, pitches can be professional or personal, and previously have varied widely. Some ask for networking connections, some ask for feedback on projects- versions of this concept have gotten people jobs as well as connections for customized clothing for children with disabilities that are otherwise difficult to dress.
My sole request: please do not conflate the phrasing of “pitch” with the idea of a “sales pitch.” This opportunity is not designed to be used for solicitation, so please do not use them as such.

Hope this is helpful- if other questions arise, please don’t hesitate to reach out via message, or my email address (amma [dot] marfo [at] gmail [dot] com).

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