I’m so excited to share with you my next project, and I hope it’s one you’ll be interested in joining me on.

I published my first book, THE I’S HAVE IT, in January 2014 after a whirlwind year or so brainstorming, researching, writing, preparing, and marketing. Somehow, the whole endeavor didn’t put me off the idea and I decided to do the same again in October 2015. As I’ve done this, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the process: how do you make time to write? Where do the ideas come from? What do I do to get the word out once I’m done?

I want to help answer all of those- both in conversation, and in small sound bytes that can be returned to later on. For that reason, I created…

You, In Print Promo Image

Registration opens today, and the class itself is a six-week “email drip” course that will arrive in your inbox each week with steps in the writing process, additional resources, and prompts to move you along.

Course Syllabus

  • Pre-Work: Introduction to Indie Publishing
    • Definitions, Options, and Considerations
  • Week 1: Starting With a #sixwordstory
    • Clarifying What Will (and Won’t) Be On the Pages
  • Week 2: Where Does The Inspiration Come From?
    • Content Sources
  • Week 3: “I Don’t Have Time to Write A Book!”
    • Content Development: Time, Place, + Manner
  • Week 4: Who Will Help You?
    • Finding and Building Relationships with Contributors
  • Week 5: What Do I Do With This Thing?
    • Getting the Word Out and Selling the Book
  • Week 6: Wrap-Up, Final Lessons and Instructions for Scheduling Follow-Up Calls

Additionally, I’ll be holding “office hours” each week that will allow participants to call in and ask me questions, while also going into more detail about the points that may have surfaced over the course of the week.

Lastly, because I know each project is unique, this opportunity will include an individual call with me to go over your goals for your project, unique obstacles you may face in your process, and to bounce ideas through another mind.

To keep the process manageable and personable, I have limited spots in the inaugural run of this course to 30 people, and it starts hitting inboxes the week of November 15th.

Register for You, In Print Today!

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