This week I want to share with you a review of Jennifer Kahnweiler’s new book, GENIUS OF OPPOSITES. It is the first book of its kind, prescribing ways for introverts and extroverts to coexist in the workplace. I am so pleased that Jenn has reached out in appreciation of this review, creating a connection to a wonderful author doing great work to bridge the temperamental divide.

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As our more frequent readers already know, we at Lead365 believe that reading is a fundamental piece of the leadership development process. Today, our Director of Educational Development shares a book that’s caught her attention- GENIUS OF OPPOSITES by Jennifer Kahnweiler, about the interplay between the leadership of introverts and extroverts.

She will be speaking on this topic at the November conference- there’s still time to register to see her, and 15+ other speakers in Orlando! But in the meantime, watch her quick review below.

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