Happy first Monday of the new year!

While it’s a groggy time for most, I am back in action- in fact, my first full day as a “one-woman revolution” started today! I have some big ideas and new tools to debut over the next few weeks. For now, however, I am enjoying my last few days in Kenya (albeit, behind my computer) with family.

“While you were sleeping” is my clever name for the idea that keeping up with social media has been difficult from eight hours “in the future”; by the time I want to share my adventures, most are already in bed! But fear not, it’s been well documented. Here, look:

2 thoughts on “While You Were Sleeping: #YesWeAfriCAN

  1. Amma! Your pictures are A MA “ZING”! Enjoy yr last few da”ze” with your family. Best of luck with yr new career.

  2. Amma! Yr pictures are A MA ZING! Enjoy yr last few da”ze” with yr family in that beautiful place called KenYA!

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