Earlier this week, I got to tick a major box off my lifetime “to do” list: present at the South by Southwest Conference and Festival in Austin, TX. Alongside standup comedian and MondayPunday creator Matthew Broussard, satire professor and News Hangover creator Keli Dailey, and Emerson administrator and Humans of Higher Education contributor Jason Meier, we spent an hour talking about the nature of comedy and its utility to “straight” journalism.

From the description:

Can news outlets and journalists apply the strategies of comedians to their work, even if they’re “not funny”? With standup, late night, memes and hashtags, comedians are navigating a tense reality with skill, tackling issues head on. And we think they can teach a thing or two about how to hit “publish” on that controversial piece or have that talk with a cranky uncle. Join us for frank talk on their strategies for speaking truth to power, challenging ideas, and navigating inevitable backlash.

Huge thanks to Jason, Keli, and Matthew for going along with me on this- you were a pleasure and I’m so happy with what we ended up building.

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 11.30.07 PM
Click the image above to get to the full video!

Should you be interested in an hour of talk in that vein…watch away!