For the past several years, I’ve worked with individuals who have pivoted from higher education and student affairs work, into new professional realms. Whether those roles have been “higher education-adjacent” or wholly unrelated to their prior work, these efforts have had a few commonalities:

  • They felt underutilized, burnt out, or unhappy in their current role…but also felt isolated and unmoored in their search for a next step;
  • They prioritized their professional satisfaction;
  • They took care to reframe their knowledge, experiences, and talents; and
  • They believed they had something to offer outside the world they knew so well.

In so many ways, I’ve been here. And in the past several years, I’ve worked with many others who have been here. It’s okay to want better for yourself…and I care deeply about helping you find what that better step might be.

Why work with me to execute a pivot? Take it from some of my satisfied clients:

“Her advice and challenges to think beyond the usual connection and concentrate on specific translatable experiences certainly helped me in the interviews that eventually led to a new job.”

“She brings in useful knowledge, practical tools, and a lightheartedness that makes you want to keep having the conversation.”

“Clever & clear approach to positioning yourself for something amazing.”

“Amma’s process was immensely helpful for my self-reflection and long term goal setting.”

“Her format was a mixture of modalities, and her general persona is fun, approachable, low-maintenance, and yet still detail oriented.”

If you’ve got the itch to explore outside the confines of higher education and student affairs, I offer a few options – varying in depth and levels of hands-on support – to do so.

The Defector Academy Blog Series
FREE, available for your own review
Series 1 | Series 2 | Defectors in Conversation | Women at Work

5 Days to Defector Ready Email Challenge
FREE, available monthly through the Defector Academy mailing list

This five day challenge brings a task to your email each day, designed to get you thinking about the assets at your disposal as you think about your career pivot. With no additional commitment, you can start the wheels turning in just one week!

Defector Academy Bootcamp Webinar
$39, payable via PayPal

This brief recorded webinar provides an overview of the Defector framework, giving you a handful of tips for advancing your search intentionally. Those looking for a quick jumpstart of inspiration and a few targeted strategies will appreciate this slightly more in-depth look at Amma’s process.

$39, October 1st-November 4th, 2020

This five-week, self-paced calendar attacks one of the most common worries about “defecting” (how do I even begin to make this change?) by breaking the process down into 28 tasks (and seven rest/reflection days) over the course of five weeks. Tasks range from 5-10 minutes in length at the start of the month, to 30-45 minutes by the end of the month, and will leave you prepared to execute a pivot in earnest by the time you finish.

Defector Academy Intensive
$299, by appointment – schedule via Calendly above

Those wanting one-on-one, real-time detailed guidance through the Defector experience, can sign up for a two-hour intensive walking you through two elements of the process. This facilitated coaching session aims to dig deeper into your discernment process, encouraging you to reflect on your values, finding a path that aligns with said values, or reframing your experiences to appeal to others on that path. We also explore more deeply how to “weaponize” your personal and professional networks to support and assist you on this journey.

Defector Academy Wayfinding Weekend
$599, October 16th-17th, 2020

The purpose of the Defector Academy Wayfinding Weekend is twofold:

  • To offer extended time to work through each stage of the Defector Academy Framework; and
  • To allow participants to combat a major side effect of a career pivot – isolation and loneliness – by working through the framework in community with others who share the same goals.

By the end of the weekend, you’ll have worked through a number of individual and group reflection exercises, have a sense of your utility in the wider job market, and have a clearer sense of how to move forward on your path to a new role, field, or industry.

Installment payments, a scholarship fund and discount codes are available for those in need due to job loss or furlough; please get in touch if this would be helpful to you.