Defector Academy

For the past several years, I’ve worked with individuals who have pivoted from higher education and student affairs work, into new professional realms. Whether those roles have been “higher education-adjacent” or wholly unrelated to their prior work, these efforts have had a few commonalities:

  • They prioritized their professional satisfaction;
  • They took care to reframe their knowledge, experiences, and talents; and
  • They believed they had something to offer outside the world they knew so well.

If you’ve got the itch to explore outside the confines of higher education and student affairs, I offer a few options for how to do so.

Defector Academy Webinars

held periodically, watch for dates and times

These hourlong online sessions provide a brief overview of the five-step process I’ve developed to start discerning future goals and a plan to reach them. In small groups, I speak with attendees about how to focus intently on their strengths and skills, explore what other areas of interests might need what they have to offer, and consider how to articulate that value in a language other than that which we learn in higher education and student affairs.

Defector Academy Intensive

by appointment, inquire for details by clicking above

Those wanting one-on-one, more detailed guidance through the five step program, can sign up for a two-hour intensive walking you through each step intentionally. This facilitated coaching session aims to dig deeper into your discernment process, encouraging you to reflect on your values, finding a path that aligns with said values, and reframing your experiences to appeal to others on that path. We also explore more deeply how to “weaponize” your personal and professional networks to support and assist you on this journey.

Defector Academy Coaching

by recurring appointment, inquire for details by clicking above

This is the most dedicated level of coaching for the Defector Academy process, offering you either 6 or 12 weeks of dedicated coaching and counsel through your search process. It will allow you to embark on a search with Amma’s support, as well as an option to include supplemental resume and cover letter support.