It’s that time of year again…time to bring you the stories of folks who have braved the wilderness of a life away from higher education and student affairs, taking their skills off campus and into the marketplace. This year’s series strives to highlight this journey and its specific impact on women. So, welcome to The Defectors: Women at Work!

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This is the fourth edition of the series; you can catch up on the first, second, and third editions here. What we’re doing here, to draw from the inaugural edition, is to offer a bit of perspective on the journey that is getting traveled with increasing frequency. As I said then,

I still get a lot of questions about this path: “So what do you do all day?” “How did you decide this was what you wanted to do?” “Would you ever go back?” And I’ll answer all of those in time, but thought it’d be better balanced by sharing how several others made that decision in their own right, for themselves.

Thankfully, as this series has persisted over the years, more and more people have taken the jump into a new kind of work and new kind of life for themselves. This month, you’ll hear several of their stories. Stay tuned over the course of the month to meet these amazing, accomplished women – and to digest the takeaways from their journeys!

Meet Laura S.

Meet Liza T.

Meet Val H. 

Meet Neely S. 

Meet Laura D.

Meet Liana S. 

This season of The Defectors is sponsored by The Defector Academy Suite, a series of coaching activities designed to help you discern your path. If you’re even thinking about a life beyond campus, explore the trio of options available to you to work through these thoughts and ideas with me as your co-pilot! Don’t want in, but still love the series?Consider donating to keep it going!