Sad news out of the Walt Disney Company today, folks. After seven years, they are discontinuing ESPN: The Weekend. Apparently, the event has been successful but they want to focus on other projects. This is a Disney event that has a lot of great memories for me, and I’m really sad I won’t get to make more. So here are just a few I want to share.

The First Time I…Went to ESPN: The Weekend
The trip was one taken with my friends Jeff and Kyle, and it was regrettably a short day at the park. But we watched a few of the interviews, did a few rides, and saw LOTS of athletes. High points included:

  • Jeff’s picture with Dickie V
  • Long wait for Voyage of the Little Mermaid
  • Jeff’s proclamation of his fandom for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Because of their cheerleaders.
  • Forgetting I had a tiara on the whole day
  • Realizing that fact when the Jumbotron was on me, when Jeff asked Chad Ochocinco why I never got an answer to my Tweets to him on Valentine’s Day. He still didn’t respond. Our relationship (mine and Chad’s, that is) will never get off the ground if we can’t communicate!

We went again the following year- this time it was Jeff, Justin (who’s not actually a sports fan) and I, and made many more memories! The best one was running the ESPN Classic 5K, which is where the picture you see above came from. Jeff got to tell Greg Jennings that he love/hates him, and I got to high five Greg and DeSean Jackson. It was a fun weekend both times we went, and I’m really disappointed that I won’t get to go again. For someone who loves sports and Disney as much as I do, it will be a greatly missed yearly event for me 😦

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