Yesterday, I got my first package in the mail at my new place! It was from Rose, and included four movies on VHS, a format I’m re-embracing in light of my favorite new acquisition: a VHS/DVD player. The choices? Lady and the Tramp, The Aristocats, Snow White, and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. All titles were agreed upon during a phone call from a Goodwill store, where she was hunting down a few last cool items before her impending move to Minnesota to start HER new life at Carleton College! Here we are in Minnesota at Mickey’s, a landmark made famous by The Mighty Ducks.

Like so many of the friends I made in grad school, I met Rose at Open House. We spoke a little bit in the downtime between assistantship interviews, and really got to connect at the evening activity- a night at Malibu Grand Prix, a go-kart course and fun center in the area. In that waiting period between open house and finding out we were accepted, I spoke to her a few times and was excited to meet someone so open and caring. We reunited in the fall when we both started the program, and the rest is history. We’ve traveled together, been to concerts together, had many a tea party at each other’s apartments, and confided in each other in a way that is pretty rare for me.

The gesture of sending me movies is in many ways indicative of Rose. She is thoughtful, caring, so insightful, and enormously committed to being an individual. She is, above all, wholly her own person, and I admire her tremendously for it. I can’t wait to use notecards, postcards, and Skype to keep abreast of her new life which, if I know anything about her, is going to be quite the adventure 🙂

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