Inspired by a friend I made through Twitter, I am challenging myself and you to put something positive out into the universe each day. She calls it 30 days of grace, and I’m sharing my list to hold myself accountable, not to toot my own horn.

I invite you to do the same- by deciding to be positive, it opens up a view of the world that stands to be drastically different from what we allow small frustrations and life’s imperfections to turn us into.

So where is your grace for the next 30 days?

My highlights:

  • Returning Pyrex to a coworker with candy inside
  • Making flower pens for our grads as rewards for their good work.
  • Giving puppy treats to my friends’ dog to celebrate her graduation from puppy school
  • CBS Sunday Morning brunch with friends
  • Running a 5k with coworkers and friends
  • Meeting new neighbors and their puppies
  • The warm wishes I’ve received as I accepted a new job and start the process of moving
  • Wonderful final retreats with student staff and colleagues

One thought on “#30daysofgrace: A Challenge for August

  1. I know I've already mentioned this, but…WOW, thank you so much for sharing this with others!

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