Relax, kids: it hasn’t gotten this serious. Yet.

I’m learning as I continue through this challenge that loopholes could, but don’t necessarily, have to abound. I wrote earlier in the week about food being provided to me, but not bought for me. I stand by the decision I made there.

However, I realized there is another nebulous category of food: “found food”. Not out of a dumpster, at least not for me, but other sorts of found food. For example, my students will occasionally bring me food, or someone will leave something at my house and I will have to decide if I want to allow that to count in the food that I’m eating. (For the sake of full disclosure, I will say that I have eaten food that has come to me in that fashion within the last several days.)

And here’s a big one: with soon-to-expire food purchased before the challenge, what do I do there? To throw it away is patently unwise and contrary to the point of this challenge, so I won’t do that. The same would apply for letting it go bad. But I’ve devised a third option, one that will help the fundraiser. A lot of these items can be baked with!

So I’m having a good old fashioned bake sale. In the coming week, I plan to bake several items to (a) use up pre-challenge items prior to my upcoming move, and (b) give me something to do to calm down while waiting for this apartment business to come to a resolution. The proceeds that I make will go toward the SNAP Challenge donation for the Greater Boston Food Bank. Lessening waste and stress while helping those in need? Sounds like a win to me 🙂

I’m doing this in hopes to raise awareness about food instability, and money for the Greater Boston Food Bank. Should you feel compelled to give to the latter, please click the link below! I thank you, as will those who benefit from the money that you give 🙂 

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