5 Days to Defector Ready Promo

These days, I’ve been spending a lot of time with folks who are debating taking a step away from campus-based higher education work. We’ve talked about their current skill sets and where else they might be valuable, the confidence they feel (or don’t feel just yet) about taking those skills and experiences to a new venue, and how they can bring in friends, family, and colleagues to help them achieve these goals. The conversations are incredibly rewarding, and I can’t tell you how warm my heart gets when someone wraps up a chat with “This has been so helpful.”

I want to offer a few more people the opportunity to peek inside these conversations.

That’s why I’m introducing the 5 Days to Defector-Ready email series.

Not everyone knows for a fact that defection is a path they want to take. And certainly not everyone is ready to commit to hours of paid coaching to move them toward that goal. So this 5 day free email sequence is dedicated to posing a few questions that might help you decide if your next steps could or should be outside student affairs or higher education. In it, you’ll be pushed to spend time reflecting on:

  • what values matter to you professionally,
  • what you’re really good at and where else it might be useful,
  • who you know that can help advance your goals,
  • what changes your resume and cover letter strategy might need to get there,
  • …and more!

Sign up for the email list before the first series goes out April 7th, I’d love to help you get #defectorready!