Last week, it was my pleasure to present my session geared toward introverted women for wiseHer’s inaugural Business and Career Acceleration Summit. As an organization, wiseHer is dedicated to providing women the career advice, mentorship, and knowledge to push their entrepreneurial and professional dreams forward; I highly recommend it as a place to find support, get actionable advice, and fortify your toolbox for professional success.

Want to see my talk? It’s linked below (~23 minutes). And if you want more? I have an hourlong version of this talk that I’m happy to bring to your organization if you’ll have me 🙂

Innie Power: The Quiet Strengths of Introverted Women

After this session, participants will:

(1) have a clear understanding of what introversion is – and isn’t,
(2) will be able to identify several strengths associated with an introverted temperament,
(3) will be able to develop personal action items for working with their own introversion, and
(4) for those who work alongside or supervise introverted women, will be able to better understand their process and adjust their leadership style and/or expectations accordingly.

Thanks so much to Erin and the team at wiseHer for the opportunity; I really enjoyed the experience and am happy to come back anytime!